Problem with plotting pdfs with some footprints

I’m having a problem with my plugin Board2Pdf. The problem appeared with KiCad v7.0.1, there’s no problem with v7.0.0. To be even more precise, it works with commit kicad-7.0-testing_r31721.a48eace90a-x86_64-lite.exe (Feb 14), but not with kicad-7.0-testing_r31743.49f6a63a06-x86_64-lite.exe. (Feb 15).

The problem I’m having is that PyMuPDF (fritz) isn’t able to work with the pdf that is being plotted. But this only happens with some footprints.

I’ve noticed that the pdf files that PyMyPDF cannot work with has at least one footprint where the details of the footprint are not shown by a pdf reader.

Examples (on all examples, the only plotted layer is F-Cu)

This pdf works fine. Footprint details are shown in the pdf reader.

This pdf doesn’t work. Footprint details are not shown when clicking on the footprint. Its colors gets inverted, but no menu shows.

I don’t understand why the second pdf isn’t showing any details on this footprint. To me these two footprints looks the same in the PCB Editor.

I’ve created two minimal examples, with one footprint each. One that works and one that doesn’t.

Could someone explain why the details are shown on the first example but not the second? Both files are found in the attached zip. The plotted pdfs are also included. (10.1 KB)

I believe that I found the issue. My guess is that parentheses in footprint description are not escaped correctly or otherwise handled correctly.

If I remove the selected text from the kicad_pcb file, I’m able to plot it just fine.

Pdf suddenly works:

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Issue created:


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