Problem with pcb2gcode

Hi all,
I am having an unusual problem with gerber export to mill a pcb with pcb2gcode.
I looked and I didn’t find previous posts on the subject.

I designed a simple pcb with some push buttons and debouncing capacitors (the footprinf is taken form the Kicad library: Capacitor_SMD:C_0805_2012Metric_Pad1.18x1.45mm_HandSolder)
When I run pcb2gcode I get an error: “error code while processing input files (error code - 1073740940)”
The error goes away if I delete the capacitor footprint.

I created a test pcb (attached to the post, together with gerber files) with just a capacitor as a test and the problem is definitely associated with that footprint, and only goes away if I change the shape of the pads form rounded rectangle to just rectangle

A second problem I found is that if I try to process the gerber files for both copper layer and edge cuts
I get an empty g code file for the traces. If I process them one at the time I get good G code files for both the copper traces and the edge cut.

I am working with up to date software (Kicad 5.1.10 and pcb2gcodec2.4.1)

Is this something which others have experienced before?

Is there a known fix or workaround for this, without having to debug the problem in larger PCBs with many components?

Should this be reported to the Kicad developers?

Thanks in advance

test_for_milling.kicad_pcb (4.8 KB)
test_for_milling.sch (524 Bytes) (688 Bytes)
test_for_milling-Edge_Cuts.gbr (755 Bytes)
test_for_milling-F_Cu.gbr (661 Bytes)

Sounds like it is more a problem with pcb2gcode than KiCad tbh. Do you have the latest version? Looking at the GitHub repo it seems to be maintained but does mention that some distributions are packaging very old versions. Have you tried with non-rounded pads? Rounded pads have been available in KiCad for a couple of years at least.

Yes, difficult to tell which side the problem lies. I posted the problem onto the pcb2gcone site as well, to try and tackle it both ends.

I have installed the latest version of both codes.

If I switch to straight edge rectangular pads the problem goes away, however this is not a workable option because it would involve changing all the pads in the libraries used in a project.


I use CopperCam - no problems loading your .pcb file and exporting/plotting Gerbers… (image below). You can download CopperCam and use it Free for limited numbers of Pads/etc without a time limit…

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