Problem with net names on pads in pcbnew

Hei guys and gals

So I have this project that I working on for school that consists of a few open source boards melted into one. The work has mainly consisted of copeing and tweeking the designes but now as I start with pcb layout I have hit a snag where the netlist seems to be wrong as the pads on some parts are marked with the wrong net name. This is my first time using using KiCad so I am pretty sure that I am not following some rule that I should but after alot of googling and trial/error I am all out of ideas. Have used OrCad previosly but found it to be to cumbersome when adding new parts and exporting data when finished.

So I ask for some input/help on this problem.

Attached picture shows how a shunt resistor is marked V_supply on pad/pin 2 on the pcb layout while on the schematic (far right) it is connected to GND. The shunt resistor is connected to the ground side of a mosfet array in a motor controller. On the other side of the array V_supply is connected so the shunt resistor needs to “go through” multible parts to find V_supply. V_supply and GND are connected together with a capactior in multiple places in the schematic to filter out input noise. I have tried to use both global lable and hiarical pins for V_supply.

Please chime in if you have an idea on what is going on, I am running out of time for this project I am ready to try anything. I am guessing a netlist generation problem or most likely some error on my part (getting an error in ERC on things that are not connected together or makes no sense).


Could you share your files?
I can’t check much on a picture.

Silly me… here you go.

Linky linky

Here is your “master bug” (in both controllers):

BTW. You didn’t connect D12 with L3. Check also the X4 crystal for STM32 MCU.
ERC will find some other issues caused by bad symbols design (wrong pin types).


Thanks a million man, it is easy to be blinded by your own work. Nice catch on the X4, will look into that.

Since I put this in Projects, that in hindsight was propably not the right category, then I am open to discussing this design and it’s faults and goals if anyone wants.

Thanks again