Problem with net name



I have a problem with my net names.

On my schematic I put a net name for two signals PHASE1 and PHASE2

When I do my layout I would like to put some via on those pads but my problem is that when I put PHASE1 or PHASE2 as my net name in pad properties it tells me that the net is unknown, and no changes

How to solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot ! ^^


If you only have one schematic sheet, then the netname is probably /PHASE2

You can check this by clicking on the pad and look in the info bar at the bottom of the screen. The third item from the left is “Net” and the appropriate name. You can also see the netnames by using the “Inspect”->“List Nets” menu item. (Note this is for v5. There are similar but different items for v4)


Thanks a lot !

It worked adding the / before PHASE2


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