Problem with KiCad 4.0.5 running on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

Whenever I go to help, either man(ual) or the other category, the system comes back with “server can’t be found”. The last time I did this it locked up my PC. What is going on? How do I get the help files linked to KiCad? I would have thought that downloading the KiCad software that the help files would have come with it and the system set up would be automatic. Yes?

I use Kubuntu 14.04
Check if you have installed the package kicad-doc-xx (xx stands for your language).

On further reading at>DOWNLOAD>ubuntu>4.0.5 Stable Release> is "The KiCad schematic library and docs are in separate packages, If you want either of these install kicad-library and kicad-doc respectively. I presume that “kicad-doc” is what I need to download to get the help files. Is this correct? What is the command line structure to do this? I wouldn’t mind having the “kicad-library”, what is the command line structure for downloading that?

I use the synaptic package manager on my Ubuntu PCs.
Adding the stable PPA is then easy and suggests the kicad-library and kicad-doc packages.

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I also use synaptic.

I guess you have typed

sudo add-apt-repository --yes ppa:js-reynaud/kicad-4
sudo apt update
sudo apt install kicad

(or apt-get instead of apt)

Now, only
sudo apt install kicad-doc-es
sudo apt-get install kicad-doc-es

for the English manuals.

sudo apt install kicad-library

for the libraries.

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I do not have or use synaptic. I am comfortable using the text entry method. I entered “sudo apt install kicad-doc-en”. Basically it came back with it’s already loaded. Same thing with entering “sudo apt install kicad-library”. I opened up KiCad and went to the two help files and get the following: “Network Error”. “It appears you are having trouble viewing: file:///usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/getting_started_in_kicad.html” and “It appears you are having trouble viewing: file:///usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/kicad.html”. ? Why is it doing this? Anything you can help me with would be appreciated.

I cannot help you with this issue. I can’t reproduce the error you get.

Another way to get the manual files is going here:

Can you open file:///usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/kicad.html directy with the browser?” is where I can go and see the documents that are available. I followed your command structure to enter at the Terminal Emulator. Again, from what I could read it indicated that the file was already loaded. When I enter in the Terminal Emulator, “file:///usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/kicad.html”, it comes back with “No such file or directory”. When I enter in the Terminal Emulator, “///usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/kicad.html”, it comes back with “Permission denied”. So, no, I can not open the file. Unless my syntax is incorrect or incomplete? Should it be “apt-get” or something else?

[quote=“pedro, post:7, topic:5003”]
Can you open file:///usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/kicad.html directy wit

Is the file actually there at that directory location?

Yes, all the help files are in the folder /usr/share/doc/kicad/help/en/ in my computer.