Problem with jumpers [Fixed]

I created this diagram:

As you can see on the J13 and J17 jumper, there is an error (unconnected). Which I want to be unconnected, because I want to use a jumper for that (or something more permanent).

How can I prevent these errors?

Maybe it’s related to the reference of the labels. Before I used the yellow Arduino Mega Shield symbol, I didn’t have a problem. But as you can see, I tried both D0, and D1_TX1 (and D1_TX0, was a mistake), but neither do work.

(I just found out there are also jumpers in the schematic, but this also do not cause a problem, so I guess it’s in the labels somehow).

I found the problem … really a beginner’s fault.

Even though the shield has all pins labeled, I had to make a Net Label to the shield pin, and a Net Label to the jumper’s wire, named equally. Now the error is gone.

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