Problem with installing in Debian

I know English not well, so sorry for errors.
I use LMDE 2 (Debian Stable (jessie + cinnamon) x64.

I have a problem. I cannot install the new version of program. From sid there is an error with dependencies while installing. I tried to build several times, but it gives me some errors too.

Now I installed KiCad with Wine: (but I need to rename my project before opening Kicad, If i will not do this - it will give an error: http: //
Image 1
Image 2

I thought, maybe someone could build a binary package (on Ubuntu or some distributive, where it builds normally) with all libraries in it (like the Blender developers ( do) ??
So you unpack it into some folder and run execution binary file and program runs on different Linux distributions.

Question 2: If I create project on Windows version of program running under Wine, would be errors if i’ll edit it with Linux version of program ?

Thank you very much.

We currently have som deb packages at for testing. Please use those.

The windows build have not been tested on wine since we have native packages, but in theory there should be no difference as such that will make your project incompatible, unless you are not carefull with your paths.

Thank you, they are not lastest, but all works fine ))