Problem with filling a zone and edge of board

I am a fully new user to KiCad. I followed the tutorial

Within the PCBNew application, I have some problems:

11: Now we will define the edge of the PCB. Select the ‘Edge.Cuts’ layer from the drop-down menu in the top toolbar. Click on the ‘Add graphic lines’ icon (icon file) on the right toolbar. Trace around the edge of the board, clicking at each corner, and remember to leave a small gap between the edge of the green and the edge of the PCB.

I found a slightly different icon also called add graphic lines, but, I do not see the edge of the green and the edge of the PCB mentioned above. I only can add a ‘box’ drawing 4 lines around my parts.Did I miss something here? Like somewhere to define the size of the PCB I want to use?

23: Now we will make a ground plane that will be connected to all GND pins. Click on the ‘Add filled zones’ icon (icon file) on the right toolbar. We are going to trace a rectangle around the board, so click where you want one of the corners to be. In the dialogue that appears, set ‘Default pad connection’ to ‘Thermal relief’ and ‘Outline slope’ to ‘H,V and 45 deg only’ and click OK.
24: Trace around the outline of the board by clicking each corner in rotation. Finish your rectangle by clicking the first corner second time. Right click inside the area you have just traced. Click on ‘Zones’→’Fill or Refill All Zones’. The board should fill in with green and look something like this:

I tried this, and I see a hashed boxed, but I do not see the green GND color of the zone. When I make a zone, and select “Fill All” (this is the only option, there is no Fill, or Refill All Zones option), than very short a message dialog is shown and immediately closed, I cannot read the content. Probably some error message.

This is how it looks like on my screen. In the tutorial the background is clearly green.

Regarding the zone, click on the 8th icon of the left toolbar. It enables the zone display.

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That “edge of the green” is strange nonsense. I once updated that document for 5.1 but didn’t go all the way through, I essentially stopped before this. I should continue one of these days…


@eelik Thanks for the reply … can I assume the PCB size is defined by the ‘add graphic line’ (using 4 lines to create a box), or with the ‘Add filled zone’ icon to create a filled zone?

@Efcis Thank you very much, it worked instantly (I now see a green filled area).

PCB size and shape is defined by graphics lines in Edge.Cuts layer.

The lines should form a continuous polygon. When you have drawn it you can open the 3D view to see how it looks like. You will also get an error message then if KiCad finds problems with the outline.


@eelik Thanks … in that case I did it correctly.

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