Problem with DXF import in footprint editor

I’m running KiCad 4.0.7.

I got a step file that I converted to a dxf in freecad.
No problems.
I then import the dxf to the footprint editor. Still no problems. Everything looks fine. I can check lines and they look fine in the footprint editor.
If I then save the footprint, then re-open it and voila, then the dxf outline is gone…
Looking in the footprint text file and every single line from the dxf now looks like this
(fp_line (start 0 0) (end 0 0) (layer Dwgs.User) (width 0.1))

I think that is a bug which has been reported several times… I don’t remember if there was a fix.

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Hi, I’m using KiCad 6.0, and when trying to create a footprint from a .dxf file (it actually is a PCB antenna) it works but the dimensions are not right. The .dxf, when opened using Rhino, has the correct measurements. Is there a way to fix it either importing it in another way or scaling the drawing?

Thank you very much!

Please open a new topic, we don’t like to have old topics revived. Especially because the problem isn’t the same.

EDIT: there seems to be a new topic already.