Problem with Cvpcb and installing local footprint libraries


I have just installed kicad and am a beginner. Was trying to run the Getting to Blinky project from Contextual Electronics’ Chris. When I clicked on the Cvpcb symbol in the schematic, it took a lifelong to load and issued some error message that I did not note. I further went on trying to install the footprint libraries on my pc using these 22 steps

After I removed all the libraries in the global libraries list, I continued further to download the libraries from But I got a error message which goes as follows:

"Error fetching JSON data from URL
Reason:‘IO_Error;curl_easy_perform()=7: Couldn’t connect to server from kicad_curl_easy.cpp:perform():line92’

So either way (through cvpcb downloading the libraries direct or through local footprints) I can’t run any further


Are you behind a proxy?


Yes. Probably as I am operating through a university network.


If you are behind a proxy, I recommend the following

  1. Download a release snapshot of footprints from, the latest currently
  2. Unzip to a local folder
  3. in Pcbnew->Preferences->Footprint Libraries Wizard select the source as “files on my computer” and navigate to where you unzipped the footprints.


Hey bobc,
I made the cvpcb to read footprints from my modules subfolder under Kicad and for my purpose, things are working fine.
Thanks a lot Rene_Poschl and bobc.:slight_smile: