Problem when opening kicad on Windows 11 ARM

I created a small machine with a rasberry-pi 4 8GB of ram associated with a 1TB SSD drive. I use Windows 11 ARM as OS. Installation documentation comes from Blaise Pascal Magazine No. 102.
Kicad 7.0.9 installs correctly but does not start. An error window appears from the start.
Can this be modified in your source to correct this problem?
Kicad error

This one will be hard… you are running Windows on an ARM processor but I am guessing executing the x86_64 executable (as that is all that is provided by Kicad).
The WOW64 layer of Windows-ARM should “translate” the win32 calls to ARM but this failed.

Are you 100% sure your windows-ARM is fully up to date, including ogl drivers. Have you tried running kicad.exe in compatibility mode targeting say… windows10.

Do you have any other error messages as this isn’t a configuration that is officially supported (in fact windows11 isn’t listed as supported , its listed as TBD) and windows should make this transparent