Problem when mporting .dxf to create a PCB Antenna footprint

Hello Everyone!

I’m trying to create a PCB antenna footprint using the footprint editor in KiCad 6.0 by exporting the .dxf file, the problem is that the shape is ok but the size is not the same as when I open it using the CAD editor (Rhino in my case).

Is there a way to re-scale or import it in another way for not to have this problem? thank you very much!


What is the scale factor between the right dimension and the wrong dimension ?
I guess it’s related to units used in the DXF file not matching units used in Kicad.

One of the dimensions goes to 1 to 25.4mm

It is the relation between millimeters and inches :wink:

Oh, it’s true! But How do I change the default units in KiCad besides using the buttons on the right?

Btw, thank you for the fast response

Nevermind, I found it, Thank you very much again!

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You are welcome :wink:

You may explain how you fixed your issue, this may be helpful for others people.


The problem was that when you import the .dxf it prompts the units in which the file is, you should state yours correctly.

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Actually, the units selection for DXF in KiCad is for compatibility for “bad” DXFs that fail to define the units in the file. Usually a symptom of really old or lazy CAD software.

If the file does declare units, it will overwrite the KiCad dropdown for dxf units.

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