Problem updating KiCad on macOS [SOLVED]

I am trying to update to V5.1.5 (from V5.1.4) on my Mac, but I am unable to finish the process. In the installation window I need to drag two folders (“KiCad” and “kicad”) to two other folders (“Applications” and “Application Support”)
I have dragged “KiCad” succesfully to “Applications”, but I cannot drag “kicad” to “Application Support”, the dragged folder just jumps back to were it was.
How can I finish the update?
(I’m on macOS Catalina V10.15.3)

Can you open the ~/Library/Application Support folder in Finder? Try opening this and then dragging the ‘kicad’ folder across. You may need to enter your password to allow this. I have not updated to Catalina so I am not sure if there is a specific issue This folder contains the symbols, footprints and models. There is actually no reason why these assets have to live in ‘Application Support’ - you could put it elsewhere but then would need to use the ‘Configure paths …’ setting to point to the alternative location. The main reason it is put in Application Support is so that you don’t inadvertently save your own symbols back to this library as they would be overwritten when you do your next upgrade. Personally, I have cloned the original GitHub repo, put the folders in my personal EDA workspace and can update them when I feel the need. I keep my personal libraries alongside but separate tot he GitHub clones.

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Thanks! This worked, after authenticating I could copy the folder.
I had to choose between “merge” and “replace”.
I chose “merge”, is that ok, or is it better to “replace” ?

Merging should replace items with the more recent assets. I wouldn’t expect either choice would make much difference.
One important caveat - if you are updating from version 4 libraries (where the library names were plurals - like Devices, Connectors etc) you will end up with a mish mash of old and new libraries in one directory if you merge. This is undesirable. How you chose to proceed depends on how many v4 projects you need to work on. If you are only just starting out and don’t have loads of old projects I would start with a clean install. I would certainly segregate old and new libraries. If you have loads of old 4 projects you might need to think differently.

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