Problem understanding ERC output

Hello everyone !

I’m back troubleshooting again with electrical rules check. I’m making a Arduino uno copy on kicad and it gives me 4 different errors. I will send some screenshots so you can see or find what’s wrong with the schematic.

I prefer solutions not links with tutorials because I’m fairly new to KiCad and I do not understand all of them :sweat_smile:.

help will be apriciated.



Regarding error type 3 read this: ErrType(3): Pin connected to some others pins but no pin to drive it
(I changed the title of this as the question is about ERC not about arduino)

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Okay, I have used your method and there are 2 errors gone only 2 left : the conflicting between pins and one driving error because for some reason if i use the power flag in connection with ground ( this counts for all grounds and worked for me the other time ) it goes to conflicting between pins.

Do you have a solution for that @Rene_Poschl ?

Pin 4 of U3 should not be bidirectional. As I cannot see U3 in your pictures, I guess it is a power input.

I looked it up and it’s set on bidirectional indeed. do I just have to change it to imput?

Change it to power input.

i did now it shows the following error.

It says pin 20 is also bidirectional so im going to change that to imput too.

Yes ! I got it. I changed pin : 20, 7, 22, 8 of u4 and 3 and 4 of u3 and the errors are gone !

thanks for the help ! @pedro @Rene_Poschl

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