Problem to export pcb to step

I tried to export pcb to .step file without success. The attached “report.txt” has been generated. I am not familiar with freeCad or Stepup yet, but plan to familiarize myself with freecad shortly.
So, any instruction to get a step file or to import pcb to free cad would be very much appreciated. I only need the pcb, packages are not neccessary.

As it currently stands FreeCad with StepUp is able to directly open a someproject.kicad_pcb file.

There is no attachment.

sorry, attached please find the filereport.txt (403 Bytes)

I would like to try freecad with step up and looked in the addon manager to download step up. But I could find step neither in workbenches nor in macros. Could you provide some more instructions please.

It’s kicadStepUpMod in workbenches.

In FreeCad select Tools | Addons mananger. Select Stepup to install. That’s pretty much it.
After that it is available in the workbench dropdown.

kicadStepUpMod. …

sure, however first it needs to be installed since it is not installed by default.

It starts with k and it’s impossible to find if someone tries to find it with s.


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That’s absolutely true. This list needs to be reworked big time!!!

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great. It works perfectly.

KiCad standalone STEP export should still work, I use it to export to one of my mechanical engineers with Solidworks

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