Problem regarding Generating BOM (Bill of Material)

I am having a problem regarding to generate a BOM. It is giving this error,

Command error. Return code 11
Error messages:
I/O error : Invalid argument
I/O error : Invalid argument

Can you please guide me, please.

@Rene_Poschl if you have too much time :slight_smile: you can update that FAQ.
I’ve got to generating my first BOM in V5 last week.

  • the BOM window looks differently,
  • I don’t remember I needed to add plugins to list (they were there probably by default, but not sure).

Mine comes up with a list of plugins. Only one at the moment. Did you have the plugin before the upgrade? It could have been picked up? The FAQ is a WIKI so it is generally editable by any member once they reach a certain level.

I didn’t upgraded from V4 to V5, but cleared all (including User…\kicad directory) and installed V5.
I have in list some plugins I were never been interested in so I suppose the list is shown by default, or may be I had to find the directory with them and then they were shown.
I have just been at home and came back to work and found my PC don’t wonts to start. Test show no problem so I suppose system at HDD is corrupted. If the end effect will be to start everything from beginning I will be sure how that list looks just after installation :slight_smile:
But no earlier than at Monday.

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