Problem printing frames and holes

Hi all,

I’m currently running KiCad 5.1.5 on Windows10, and I’m having a problem when I want to print the layouts in order to document my PCB. Actually even if I check the “Print borders and title block” option in order to have the reference frames and I let the drills option allowed, both things won’t get printed…

  • For the frame I tried different scales and sheet formats with no results, frame never appears.

  • For the holes, I’m able to get them printed only if I check either Front/Back copper layer.

Following is a screenshot of the print dialog VS the result:

On previous a KiCad version (5.0.0) I was able to print layouts like this.
Any idea?

Hmm… maybe you need to hit F11 or F12 toggle your graphics toolset? Maybe that’s the problem with it not diplaying properly?

Indeed, once I toggled any of the modern toolset I was able to get back the frame in the printed document. However the holes and pads still hidden unless I explicitly check either front/back copper layer to be printed…

I am using Plot to SVG. In 5.1.5 I couldn’t get right plots of bottom layers. The bug being the reason was fixed in 5.1.6. You use something else but may be the same bug concerns you.