Problem modifying and saving multipart symbols

Not sure if I have found a bug, or made a mistake.

Just started with KiCAD, so trying to learn various things. Created a new (project) symbol library and created a new symbol in it with four dissimilar parts (units).

Came back to it to try to modify it as the labels and centre were not in the right place. After making changes, nothing seems to have changed. (I removed the part from the schematic first).

After some experimentation, what I found was:

  • change unit A, modify it, save it, quit the library. Go back in, all looks OK.
  • then change unit B, same as above. Unit A and B both look OK.
  • then change unit C, same as above. Now go back in and unit A has reverted to how it was originally with labels and centre in the wrong place.

Seems to be repeatable. Now I think about it, not sure why the labels and centre were in the wrong location in the first place - I assumed I’d made a mistake, but maybe they just don’t get saved right?

The labels in a multi unit component are always at the same place for all units. The file format simply does not support different locations for them.

Also, the auto-placement algorithm takes over when placing the symbol in the schematic. Meaning in the default setting the position of the fields in the library are irrelevant (just place them such that they are not in the way).

OK, thanks. It’s all a learning process.

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