Problem making a new footprint


Hi everybody!

I’m a new user of Kicad. Can not make a new footprint.

My workspace is only white and I can not draw anything. In instructional videos, the workspace is black. Any suggestions on what might be wrong or alternate ways to make a my new footprint?

Thanks in advance


What’s your Windows version, graphics card, graphics driver?


And does the board editor work?


Windows: 10 Pro
Processor: Intel® Core ™ m7-6Y75 CPU 1,2 GHz 1,51 GHz
Graphic Card: Intel® HD Graphics 515

Can not test bord editor yet, because I can not generate netlist before my footprints work


There is no relation between netlist and the possibility of making a footprint.
The background colour is set by the user, so white is as good as black.

What happens when you click on the “new footprint” icon?


What canvas is active? Did you try one of the alternative canvases?

Starting the board editor can be done without a schematic.

Kicad 5 has a better alternative to the netlist. “Update pcb from schematic” which is found in the tools menu of pcb_new.


Thanks so much. Right Canvas was the right solution for my problem. Just press F9 and everything started to work :slight_smile:


The Legacy canvas isn’t a good solution in the long run. It’s not actually just a “canvas” (graphics) but a different, old set of tools. You miss most of the enhancements developed for many years, and more recent documentation doesn’t help you so much. (Not that there would be much more recent documentation…) If you just need your work done and can do it, it’s OK.

The problem is most probably somewhere in your graphics hardware/driver. At least check if newer driver software is available.


The default canvas is hardware accelerated. If you are having hardware driver incompatibilities, try the fallback canvas which is software emulation of hardware acceleration. All the features of the default canvas but should be more compatible with odd hardware/drivers at the expense of some speed.