Problem install on windows 10

I have difficulty installing kicad on windows 10.
The following image has been installed

Your installer pack is broken. Try to download it once again. If you are using any Download Manager to speed-up downloads, try to disable it first.


Or if you don’t use a download manager, use one, to keep your downloads intact :wink:

Whatever it is, the file you downloaded can’t be run and is broken.

Causes for this can be routers in the traffic path or bad memory chips in your computer… a lot of things.

Search google for ‘how to avoid broken downloads


Thank you, download from the network of my work and I could install it without problems.


Hello! I got same problem. Download it several times, but it persists. Any other download works fine. Any other suggestions? Tnks.

You might want to tell us what installer you tried.