Problem drawing silkscreen in footprint editor(Mac OSX)


When i draw a silkscreen in Mac OSX, I click the “graphic line or polygon” button, click and drag and see my cyan line appear.

When I click, it disappears.

It then doesn’t show up until I move the footprint view display! It seems like it could be a bug.

Mac OSX 10.13.4


Assuming you are in the footprint editor:
Is it possible that you have disabled the silk layer in the layer selection? (On the right side there is a list of layer names. The tickmark there determines if you can see that layer. Make sure F.SilkS is selected.)

If you are in pcb_new, some tickmarks in the render tab might also influence if you see silkscreen lines.


I have made a little video showing the problem. You can’t see the checkboxes here(not sure why) but they are all ticked.


Switch to a modern canvas (OpenGL or Cairo). The bug doesn’t exist there. 5.0 will likely be the last release to have the legacy canvas.

I also think you’ll find the toolset on the modern canvases much better (although it may take a bit of time to get used to them).


In kicad 4 the legacy canvas is called default.

@renegadeandy here some info about canvases: Pcb_new: What is a canvas? (default [legacy], open-gl [accelerated] and cairo [fallback]) Is there a difference?


Oh great! I have switched to OpenGL, its beautiful! Thank you!


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