Problem creating new library

schema page does not create symbols.
pcb page doesn’t create library either.
There was no such problem before
kicad version; I’m using 5.1.6

Could you try it with the latest release, which is 5.1.8?

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Creating libraries is not done in Eeschema or Pcbnew.
Creating libraries is done in the Symbol editor (for Schematic Symbol libraries) and in the Footprint Editor, for Footprint Libraries.

Note that if you’ve made a new library you probably also have to add that library to the library table.

The FAQ section of this website has a lot of searchable tutorials, for example:

I cannot create neither symbol nor library

Show us what you’ve done and where you get stuck.

It would be useless to repeat everything written in the FAQ articles.

Updating to V5.1.8 is advisable of course, but Library management should also work normally in V5.1.6.

A common error is trying to create a library in a read-only location but advise like that is just guesswork if you do not give us more information.

It was my fault. the program works fine

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