Printing without zones but with net names?

I want to check my PCB. For that I want to print top and bottom layers, but zones or copper fill is on the way. Can I print without extra copper. (Like it is on the screen)

Net or pin names on the PCB screen is a nice feature, can I have them on the print them too.

What sort of checking do you want to do on your PCB?

I do not understand. On your PC monitor you have much better tools than on a sheet of paper. You can zoom in, highlight nets, do DRC and more.

One of the few cases I can think of where a 1:1 printout on paper is useful is fortest fitting footprints and for that printed net names will be much too small to be usable. Tracks are almost always narrower then 0.5mm and printing text on them does not seem very useful.

I ran out of monitor space. Somethings should be on paper, when I’m checking. Why do I need a better reason? If it is on the screen, it should be possible to get it on print.

An other reason, It looks better when showing what is done.

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