Printing Pcbnew

I have a problem with printing in Pcbnew, the page is white.
With Eeschema, no worries, the impression is good.
Can you help me for my urgent need?

We may be able to help, but not with that little amount of information. What’s your KiCad version? What steps you exactly do? Could you give a screenshot of the print dialog with the settings you use?

Even if I check all the boxes or only those that I need, the result is the same: blank page.
My version of Windows: 10 Pro 64bits
My version of Kicad: 5.0.1 (with the 5.0.0 it was the same and the update did not solve.)
Thanks for your help

Is your design within the print area? (Within the page border)

Could you then share a screenshot of the dialog with the selections which you need?

My circuit is positioned in the upper right quarter of pcbnew (because of my CNC) does that mean that I can not print?

Is it inside the frame or not? (Upper right quarter does not specify that)
The easiest way for us is if the user adds screenshots. Make one and drag and drop it into the answer field.

Ok, thanks.

Here is also the pcbnews file
Portail.kicad_pcb (777.1 KB)

If 0,0 is marked correctly then your pcb is outside the print area for KiCad. The KiCad page is towards the bottom right of this point.

Ok, so that explains that.
I thought Kicad was printing the drawing, not just a workspace. Too bad, I prefer to keep my configuration and my export to Cambam works without retouching.

Files for CAM should always be generated using “Plot…”.

That’s exactly what I do, I do the plot, then I recover with cambam, I select the different parts and I create the gcode.
But if I am with the zero point on the top left with improbable margins, I am forced to reposition in cambam. When it’s simple side, it’s easy, but when it’s double-sided (my case) it’s more complicated. If I position my pcb from with the zero point in the lower left, I’m quiet cnc side, nothing to move, everything is stacked perfectly.

The bottommost tool allows you to set the origin point for plotting and drill files.

The Plot dialog (for some stupid reason) defaults to using the page corner, and you have to explicitly select “Use auxiliary axis as origin”.


Ok, I passed by side without seeing it!
Thank you very much, this will really help me in my next designs.
Thanks so much

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