Printing multiple layers at once

Hi again,

I can’t print multiple layers at once. I wish to print to pdf, or at least print on paper. I need to print FAB layer, edge cut layer and drills. Printing in PcbNew will output only one layer; same when printing from gerbview.
How can I do this?

I have Kicad 5.0 on Windows 32bit,

You mean Plotting in PcbNew will output one layer per file/page. Try the actual print (toolbar icon looks like a printer, not a plotter). You can select the layers you want and have them printed all together on one page. You can even print in color there where each layer gets it’s own color. Note, there are some glitches. In the past I’ve had problems getting oval pads with offset drills to print with my pdf print driver (win10). I haven’t tried in a long time so that may or may not have been fixed. I’m not even sure if it was an issue with PcbNew or my print driver.

Unfortunately “PRINT” button works as I said, I tested on a different x64 computer. Only one layer and page frame.

Have you changed option “1 Page per layer” to “Single page”?
I don’t use KiCad yet, but I plan to use File|Export|SVG to get pictures for my doccumentation.


A million thanks! I thought I tried everything but missed this. Yes, setting “Single page” prints all selected layers. In the past (ver. 4) I also tried this without success. Now it’s OK!

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