Printing layout (components and name)

So i want to print out my layout so i can what i have to place where but i am unable to find a way to print the components and there number.
Is this possible?

I assume you use the standard KiCAD library.
There the reference designators are on the silk layer and the values are on the fab layers.
When printing simply select this two layers.

I changed my libraries in such a way that i have both the reference designator and value on the fab layers.
(I have a second reference field on the silk layer. This is done by placing a text field with %R in it on the silk layer.)
This enables me to only print the fab layer to achieve what you described above. (On the fab layer i can use a much smaller font size than on the silk layer.)

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I don’t print from KiCAD, but from gerber viewer, Pentalogix’s ViewMate.

  • I create (plot) gerbers from KiCad
  • Import layers into ViewMate. I can change the layer order (which covers the others), set colors, then print into PDF (Bullzip PDF printer).
    I email zipped gerbers and the PDF to fab house. I attach such a PDFCharger-F928.gerber.pdf (147.0 KB)
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I just found out that layers that are set invisible in the layers tab are not printed even if they are selected in the print Dialog.

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There are also some scripts from users available that do pretty cool stuff for assembly instruction printouts.
No idea if they still work though, as KiCAD changes all lot.


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