Printing large boards to scale on multiple pages


Is it possible to print out my entire board to scale over multiple pages? My board layout is 500mm long and I need to print it out on standard A4 printer paper. Obviously this won’t fit but I can’t seem to make KiCad split it into 2 pages that I can stitch together. It seems to be unable to print more than one page at all, as far as I can tell.


I believe you are correct - KiCAD’s “Print” feature can not extend an output across multiple pages.

I would try using the “Plot” feature to convert the board image to a *.PDF file. Then I could use the “Poster” and/or “Scale” features in Adobe Reader’s “Print” dialog to split the image across multiple pages.



As Dale noted, plot to PDF, then use Matthias Wandel’s great software, Bigprint to print it out big and scaled.

// Per.