Printing issues in Schematic program



I am having an issue printing a schematic at A2.

If I look at preview, the top and bottom borders are missing. If I print at A2 with a HP DesignJet 800 42, the borders are missing exactly as in the preview.

If I preview the A2 page in PI editor, it looks fine. If I print it A2, the top & bottom borders are lost.

If I downscale the .sch file using a Konica Minolta C554 to A3 then the borders print OK. This is done in the printer software as it prints.

I have tried changing the borders in PI Editor for A2 with no apparent change.

I am running V4.07 release build on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Any ideas what else can I do to get the borders back at A2?


Have you tried changing the page margins in the Page Setup dialog?


Have you tried “Print sheet reference and title block”? Under Print options.

Tested with 4.07 and kubuntu for A4, A3 and A2. Only printed to pdf, I have not an A2 printer.


I thought that the Page Layout editor did a global change to the A2 page.

Just realized there is a “Page layout description File” selector on the Page editor tab in eschema.
Changed the top & bottom margin from 10 to 15mm and saved as a Page layout description File, then set the page settings to use that, and it seems fine.

On the other hand, it printed fine when plotted as a pdf then printed with the same settings on the A2 printer. That may be something that is handled by the pdf plotter.

Is there anyway to modify the global A2 print file margins?


I don’t think so, the default page layout is scaled to whatever paper size is selected. I would have suggested to create a custom page layout, which is what you already found.


Pdf printing is often set to “fit to paper size”, taking printer capability into account


Thanks bobc. The next post seems to explain it as well


That would make sense. I have noticed that my adjusted custom page has narrow side margins but normal top margins when printed A2. More tweaking required.

I only reduced the top & bottom by 5mm but it seems to have reduced the height by about 20mm on the prints. Strange!

Thanks for your responses davidsrsb and bobc


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