Printing all layers from Gerber Viewer (Solved)

As an example I have added four gerber files of the same mask. When it comes to printing, only one layer is printed.

How can I print all layers in one hit.

Note1: I have to use Gerber for masks due to the ‘Do Not Tent Vias’ feature.
Note2: I tried exporting the Gerber to PcbNew, but the oval masks become circles and if I load two exported files Front and Back masks as an example, pcbnew crashes. So using pcbnew in this instance is useless.

Windows 7 Kicad 4.0.5

Ok, I will answer my own question since I accidently figured out how. Hopefully I can make it understandable.

Solves three issues:
1- Print multiple layers on one sheet
2- If you have a laser printer you only have to run the transperancy through once. No warping.
3- Work around bug for pcbnew not printing properly to PDF.

You will need:
Inkscape 0.91 installed. SVG is native to it and it’s freeware.

steps in text:
1-In pcbnew ensure you have the correct paper size for your pcb which you will printing on.
2-Use Plot from the pcbnew tool bar (not ‘File > Export SVF’) you get different options, if needed.
3-Select the output for ‘SVG’ and select your preferences then click on Plot.
4-Open Inkscape then ‘File > Open’ and load your save ‘SVG’ file exported from pcbnew
5-Any additional layers use file import to load them onto the same sheet.

I printed directly onto a transperancy and no loss or gain in scale. All one to one.