Print Grids in Pcbnew

Is there a way to print grids in Pcbnew? Or have them included in an SVG output?

I have made a board in Pcbnew using a .1 inch grid and plan to prototype it using perfboard, printing with grids would make this process much easier.

My solution up until now is to manually draw the grids in a new layer. This works fine, but I’m interested in a more automated way.

I understand your requirement, and I think it’s a good idea! However, I don’t think there’s any way to make KiCAD print (or plot) the grid, or grid dots. Perhaps some Forum member knows of a Gerber viewer that lets you overlay a grid onto a printed output.

The best I can suggest is a variant of what you’re already doing: Use the Page Layout editor to create a page frame with the desired grid on it. Using it as a template means you don’t have to re-create the grid for every board you do. The “Plot” menu lets you overlay the page frame on any layer you plot (or leave it off), so you have some control over your hardcopy outputs.