Print check plot without filled zones?

I’m another refugee from Eagle. So far I really like most of the features in KiCAD. The details are killing me though. For instance, I want to print a 1:1 check plot of the top of the board as a sanity check for component size & placement. The print function works great, but I can’t seem to set the zones to ‘outline’ rather than ‘filled’, regardless of what selections I make in Pcbnew. The print menu gives lots of scaling options but nothing to select fill mode. I’m pretty sure this can be done since I printed out exactly what I want once but can’t do it again. The reason this matters is that I use a laser printer and it obscures everything under the copper pours, plus wastes expensive toner! I am printing to .pdf by the way. Do I have to plot (rather than print) to make this happen? Apologies if this is explained elsewhere, couldn’t find anything relevant. My version is 4.0.5, just installed last month.

You can always print the board without filled zoned. Ctrl + B and just print. After that, you can again fill PCB by pressing B. (If you have default Hotkeys)

Thank you sir! I was trying to toggle the fill with the ‘fill dashed outlines’ button on the left, which apparently only affects the screen presentation. I will try this, appreciate the info.Harry