Pricing for KiCad


What are the costs of using KICad ?

Thank you

KiCad is free. Your only investment would be your time for the learning curve.

Whatever your monthly internet bill is to download it and electricity cost to run your pc with kicad on it.

Ok thanks guys !

I am looking to use it to better learn electronics and to design my OCB gerber files so I can send them out to get my PCBs done.

Do you have a good reference with a complete video course to get started !


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You can start from getting started:

I didn’t looked any video, but have in mind that lots of them you will find can be about KiCad V4 or V5. Current version (V6) is relatively new.
If you accept that not all have to be exactly as you see the V5 videos are also good I think.

There are quite some video tutorials on youtube. A lot of them are for KiCad V5, and although they have much in common with KiCad V6, there are also significant differences, and especially for a beginner it can be difficult to sift though those differences. Therefore I recommend to ignore all the KiCad V5 tutorials, and start with KiCad V6 tutorials exclusively.

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While there are many KiCad 6 videos on Youtube in the meantime, I still have to see a decent, comprehensive KiCad 6 tutorial there.
The videos cover isolated aspects in varying depth. But maybe it’s worth a try.

Awhile back there was a commercial company with a ‘free’ version that seemed to be tied pretty tightly with some of the development team. Anyone remember that one?

I don’t know if it’s the one you have in mind as it’s paid content, but Peter Dalmaris published an e-book on KiCad 6, and also has online courses. Part of the proceeds from the e-book are donated to KiCad. A search on his name will find his website.

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