Previous KDiff is KiRI now

Hi folks. I am here to announce that the name of my previous known KDiff tool is KiRI (Kicad Revision Inspector) now. The name was changed to distinguish easily from Kidiff which is an important tool used inside KiRI.

KiRI is a tool to help easily comparison of different versions of the schematics and the layout, visually for projects that use Git as source management.

This is the updated repo URL

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That also helps avoid confusion with kdiff3.


Good to see this - and hopefully will be possible to install soon via the new PCM! Like the new name too. :slight_smile:

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@ppelleti indeed :sweat_smile:

@John_Pateman I am not aware of this PCM. What is this? Is this some sort of package manager? Well, if we have a package manager on Kicad 6, this version is going to rock! Well, for that happening we would need to have the new python API working too.

Have you tried to install my simple kicad_plugin on Kicad 5.1.*?

Copied my note from today to the dev list to here: Attention Python devs - 6.0 API and plugin repository info

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PCM = Package & Content Manager in latest 5.99/6.0.0RC1


This is awesome guys!

@craftyjon thank you for the link.

Probably a brain-fart, but the screenshots show the acronym “PCM” as expanding to “Plugin and Content Manager”… (Not “Package”).

I wasn’t following it’s development, so the error might simply be due to a name change somewhere in development. Or your brain is as swiss-cheesed as mine is and you just remembered the wrong term. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are right - PCM - plug-in & content manager not package. Or anything to do with pulse codes or monthly payments for that matter. TLAs[1] should be banned. :wink:

[TLA ]- Three letter acronyms.

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Gnome and KDE developers have the annoying habit of forking a project and adding a G or K to the beginning. One of the reasons I avoided Kicad for awhile is I thought it might be a fork of another project that had simply been rebranded. :wink:

@hermit I felt exactly the same when I was about to start using Kicad 4.0 a long time ago. And after some time I realized this was not KDE-related stuff…

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