Prevent Duplicate Footprint Warning for Non-elec Footprints

My project uses light pipes with SMT LEDs. The light pipes have a pair of alignment pins, so I created a footprint with a pair of holes. It’s non-electrical, of course – doesn’t attach to anything electrically – so I just placed the footprints in my PCB. But now, when I hit “Test Footprints” in the netlist dialogue, it indicates that there are several footprints not in the netlist, of course.

I thought I could fix this by adding a bogus 2-pin component to the schematic and assign the footprint to it (and repeat for each light pipe). But that adds another footprint to the board rather than using ones I’ve already positioned. Rather than go replace each light pipe footprint like this, is there an easier way?

I think you need to make sure the reference numbers match. Assign the reference number to the ones on the board as they are on the schematic.


Thanks, that did it! Super-quick fix.