Pregrouped components (both symbol and footprint)

We both face with a problem about large modules, like Raspberry Pi CM4, which uses multiple sub components (like connector) acting like a single component.

Normally I was using it like a single component, a single footprint and multi unit symbol. But this creates P2P assembly and BOM issues, since it is designed as a single component.

So I’d like to keep the symbol design but solve the BOM and P2P assembly problems.

How do you solve this? What kind of workarounds do you apply?

I’m thinking to create two different multi unit symbols for both connectors, bind them to connector footprints, create a mechanical single module footprint with an empty symbol and group them on the layout. This could solve the problem but I need to match connector and mechanical part every time I use it (or copy paste from an old design).

Of course this is a question about nightlies, as 5.1 branch does not have grouping feature.

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