Pre V6 net name issue

(I don’t mean to post inappropriately, I’m just not sure where else to ask)

I’m enjoying a net highlighting toggle feature of v.6, but having trouble bringing my whole v.5 pcb layout to v.6 as follows: the SM footprints and PTH pads (but not any connecting traces) of one particular net are getting re-netted into names beginning with “<root sheet>…”, leaving that net unconnected between the disparate copper components. The net giving me this trouble contains connections with a component that connects to several net-ties. (Could that have something to do with this behavior?). Is this re-netting behavior intentional? (I have a hard time thinking so). Is it because I have a supplementary sheet I use for the auxiliary dongle schematic (except the second sheet has no reference to the component involved)? The rats nest lines are very faint in the pict. Thanks for any advice.

Why don’t you just start another thread?

There’s much going on in v6 development which is temporary. The developers of course need quick feedback about some changes, but this user forum isn’t necessarily the best place for it. I, too sometimes feel unsure about filing a bug report for an opinion about a small thing, but I think it still may be the best place. Your report can be changed to “Opinion” if it’s really not a bug. But I’m not one of the developers, maybe they can give their opinion about what’s the best way to discuss the rapidly changing features of main development.

I agree that this <root sheet> thing is distracting and a bug.

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Please report this as a bug over at

You will need to include your KiCad version information from (Help->About KiCad->Copy Version information). It would also be helpful if you could attach a project that shows the issue.


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