Pre 5.1 Windows Nightlies


Can we discuss usable and problematic versions of recent Nightlies.
Does anybody know if any of these were affected by the “Using the Registry” bug?



The gui string freeze should be announced soon. (Next few days) Meaning users who are not yet on a nightly might want to wait till the first nightly after that. (It will then take a short period of time till the first release candidate is tagged.)

In more detail this means that from the string freeze on only bugfixes will be made till the final 5.1.0 release.


From the screenshot, all the versions before (and including) 29-Dec-2018 have the mentioned bug. Bug was introduced around 20-Dec-2018 and fix was pushed on 29-Dec-2018.

You can figure out what is included in each nightly by looking at commit history available on Github.


Thanks, it can get confusing with whatever timezone the filestamp uses, GitHub time and my own, which is GMT+8.


And it’s unclear what’s the difference between the time of the file and the time of the last commit taken, even if they are converted to the same time zone. In my experience it can be relatively long, so that you would think a certain commit is found in the nightly build but it’s not. The difference is of course much smaller than one full day but I don’t think e.g. 6 or even 12 hours would be guaranteed.


The git commit hash is part of the filename.


That’s true, thanks for the reminder. In git the commit hashes aren’t in order so you have to read the history for more than one commit backwards to know if something is in or not.


What has been dropped from the 5.0.2 release to make the Nightly download about 100MB smaller?


31st December build r12068 is crashing immediately for me, I have reported it.


Thanks, I was about to download.


Seems to like opening pcbnew first and eeschema from that. There is an older similar report about this


I’m using this one on win7 and besides having PCBnew crash on me, while I was doing a weird update of the board via netlist read via references on a duplicated set of footprints (deleted the originals) can’t fault it yet. (restarted the program and all was done and fine afterwards, heh):

kicad-r12004.f452eafcd-x86_64.exe, from 15.12.2018


Just a heads up. There is a new tool in town for this. Look under tools->update pcb from schematic.

The netlist import is now mainly aimed to provide an interface to external tools. update pcb from schematic directly gets its data from the internal data structures of eeschema. In v5.0 the update tool is a bit limited with the options it presents. Everything that is missing is already in current nightly so you should be good to switch over.


The 1st January 2019 Nightly r12070 seems to be good, it fixes my crash and I have been able to use it ok.


There were annoying ratsnest bugs introduced recently which are fixed in 8de12094d (r12081). Working with pcb layout is smooth again.


7th Jan builds are AWOL. Every year the build server seems to fail as FOSDEM approaches. :wink:


11th January build also missing with a tiny corrupt i686 version to fool the unwary


I just installed the 10th Jan one, as I have nothing to work on right now and the one I was using from 15th Dec didn’t remember the grid settings in EEschema/Symbol Editor, which was a nuisance.



Bug report time then.
I particularly need one commit that missed the 10th January build


Wrong way around.
The old nightly from 1 month ago had that error, the latest from the 10th Jan doesn’t, at least as far as I can tell.