PPA-Installation of 4.0.x (Linux, final)

over an existing 4.0.0. RC1, I installed 4.0.1.
During the install, I obeyed that kicad-common was automatically removed.

After installation I found that eeschema libraries were not present, so that e.g. new project results in an error list of missing libraries (as defined in the .pro-file).
I also had to add kicad-library from the PPA:

sudo apt-get install kicad-library

I guess that this is changed in the installation organisation. Alas, this information is missing in the download instructions.

After this package (approx. 780 MB installed space) is installed, a path is automatically added to the component labraries preferences in eeschema. And starting a new projects works without error dialogs.

Question: This new path (/usr/share/kicad/library) is not stored in any of the files in ~/.config/kicad. Does anybody know where this path spec is stored? This information is helpful when I don’t want to use kicad-library, but use the official git library on another location instead. I won’t change a procect template in order to add my own path.

Regarding the question:
Some experimentation shows that after installing kicad-library, the library path is not stored in configuration.
Upon opening eeschema, the existence of a library on /usr/share/kicad is checked automatically, and added if existent.

In order to automatically have my own library location recognized, I successfully created a symlink: /usr/share/kicad/library.