Power tracks on bottom of the board

Is it possible to make all of the power track to route on the bottom layer of the PCB? There will be a GND plane also on the bottom.

Is this a “does kicad support this” question or is it “is it a good idea”?

Hi R,
Does Kicad support this?

I’ve found the SET UP LAYERS section, but the ticks are greyed out, but it looks promising.


KiCad it self really does not care on what layer you put what net. I do not really know why these settings are there. My guess would be they are either used for communicating with auto routers or they where intended for that purpose.

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Hi R,
This has lead to a similar question! I’m using surface mount components, also through the hole connectors.

I’ve had trouble before soldering the top side of a through the hole connector, because of the plastic ‘bracket’. I usually, solder them upside down, then push the ‘bracket’ down to the board after soldering, but this isn’t good really.

What is the usual protocol, for ‘say’ using a surface mount Voltage regulator, then sending the track through a VIA, and along the bottom layer?
C.**EDIT: Your clue regarding the NETs helped me figure it out! I place VIAs where I want and choose the side of the board I want it using the Ticks in the layers manager as the side of the PCB. Thanks. **

If you have properly manufactured boards you have so called plated through holes. This means you solder through hole components on the side opposite to their body (So if the THT connector is on the top side, you solder on the bottom side. The connection to the top side is then done by the metal plating in the hole. Some solder will also flow through the hole towards the top side. Making the connection even stronger.)

If you do not have this luxury i would either put THT components on the opposite side of SMD components or add a second through hole (a via) near your THT pin. Use this to make the connection between top and bottom by putting a wire through the hole and solder both ends.

Hi R,
I make my own boards. I’ve just started making SM PCBs.

I hadn’t thought of putting the THT connectors on the opposite side to the SM ones, but this is an excellent idea. This will mean fewer VIAs
Thanks, C.

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