Power ports ... where are they?


Just trying to make a schematic and use some ports. When I select ‘place power port’ I get a pop-up with nothing in it. (Choose power symbol 0 items loaded)

Do I have to make my own or do I have to import it from somewhere?


Power ports are just symbols marked as such. Meaning if you do not have them then something is wrong with your library setup. As you did not give you kicad version i can only assume you are on version 5 so read these:

Hi Rene,

Yes I am using Linux, yes it is the latest version I think. It is a pretty recent install that I do know. I have the kicad libraries installed.

My setup is to have my libraries on a different disk to the kicad installation location. I call these my ‘global’ libraries. I do not use local-to-project libraries at all.

I have a number of ‘global’ libraries. All my libraries work just fine.

When I try to import from a library in the symbol editor which kicad library holds the power ports ??

I take it I can’t browse a library until it is installed into my kicad ??

Depending of your linux distribution you may not have the latest version, 5.1.4 by now.

This is alright.

power.lib has the power port symbols

Libraries in you hard disk are “installed” but not “loaded”. Perhaps these are not the official names.
A library to be available in any project must be loaded for that project with the symbol manager, Preferences->Manage Symbol Libraries (or Manage Footprint Libraries for the layout). A library loaded as global is available for all your projects.

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