Power net not updating from schematic

Hello! This is my second ever schematic so let that be the explanation for any baffling errors or misunderstanding of basic concepts. Thanks for your patience!

While making my schematic I hadn’t noticed that I had made both a “+3v3” net and a “+3.3v” net. I mindlessly set a pwr flag for the +3v3 pin in the schematic thinking “well, that got rid of the error!”

This error became apparent when doing the PCB layout and noticing that the two nets didn’t connect. To correct this, I went and changed all of the “+3v3” nets to “+3.3v” nets, as there were less of those overall.

I then saved the schematic and updated the PCB with the Update PCB button and alas, the nets still read as “+3v3” in the PCB view, despite the changes made in the schematic. See attached images.

Note that the +3.3v net is connected to that pin on the PCB view because I had tried manually changing it in the pad properties, but it changed back after updating the PCB again. Obviously this threw an error.

I’m not sure if this is the correct thing to do but I tried to export the netlist to the folder where all of the files are held, and then attempted to import the netlist into the PCB editor using the file in that directory, but nothing happens when pressing “Load and Test Netlist”. No dialogue pops up in the window at all. I might be doing the wrong thing here altogether.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

What is your version of KiCad?

Version 7.0.10 on Mac Intel running Monterey.

I was just editing to say that I solved this issue in a roundabout way by deleting the misbehaving nets in schematic view, updating PCB so that the nets were unconnected, then went back to the schematic and adding the appropriate nets, saving, and updating the PCB again. This didn’t really seem to be the ‘right’ way though.

Power symbols are different, you can’t simply change the name from +3v3 to +3.3v and fix the issue . . . the easiest way is to select a +3.3v symbol and duplicated it and use that to replace all the +3v3 ones.

Before v8 you cannot change a power symbol by renaming it because there is a hidden power pin inside that determines the net name. This is a known trap which in another manifestation can cause nets to be shorted. The correct and faster way to fix your symbols was to use the Edit > Change Symbols action.


I almost always use the generic symbols from the “power” library like VCC, VDD, VEE, VSS, GND etc.
The actual voltages I define elsewhere.
But use any of the symbols in that library that you like. It’ll work :slight_smile: