Power lines conflict

I am on KiCad 7 now. I created a symbol for the LoLin V3 ESP8266 developer board. The symbol ERC Check ist OK.
Now the ESP8266 has a lot of power pins, the are
VIN 5V external Power in I defined as power input
a corresponding GND pin I defined as power input
VU 5V Power Output corresponding to the USB Connector Power
a corresponding GND pins I defines as power output
three 3,3V Power Output pins I defined as power output
three corresponding GND pins I defined as power output

The VIN and VU pins are separate as power in, respective as power out.
the three 3,3V pins are intern connected, so are equal
all GND pins are intern connected, so are equal

Now ERC Check complains Power Outputs are connected.
I have read all similar topics but did not found a solution.

I need all the pins active to have an easier routing on the PCB
I tried to declare double pin as undefined, ERC Check complains.

How to solve?

To clear, symbol ERC Check is fine, eeschema ERC check complains as I connected the 3,3V pins together and all GND pins together

ERC task is to complain if more than one power output pin is connected to one net.

There are some ESP8266 based modules in the standard library. Have a look to see how they declare their pins.

How is the KiCAD ERC supposed to know that the 3.3 V pins are connected internally? Should it look up the datasheet?
Connecting outputs together is a no-no, both power and otherwise, and ERC will react.

A way around it is to assign several pin numbers to the same pin name.
Like this:

@retiredfeline The ESP8266 in the standard libraries are just the ESP8266 Module itself or other development modules having not more than on 3,3V or GND pins.

@ML9104 connecting more pins to the same function, seams to be an excellent solution. i will try tomorrow. Thank you for that hint.

Your only issue seems to be the 3.3v line which comes from a voltage regulator. You could 1. not label them Power Output, or 2. give them the same pin name and don’t connect them outside, even though that is just a redundant connection, as suggested.

most likely these are the culprits here. KiCad doesn’t allow to connect multiple power outputs with each other. To work around this for symbols with multiple pins for the same output only one pin should be set to power output and the rest to passive.

Thank you for that solution, I defined the pin with the lowest pin number as output and all others as input, worked fine.