Power connections of IC's (for not automatic generated

I am making a simple test schematic with a 74AHC04 (pin7 should be ground, and 14 VCC).
Just to be sure a put the some input pins to ground but these connections are also not 'converted when i update the pcb design…

If symbols in that library has hidden power pins than I suggest to not use that library.
If they have the additional element with power pins than you should add it at schematic.
I’m not sure as I don’t have the library you use.

Yes , thanks for the hint… a 74Hc04 has 6 ‘inverters’ the 7 model was deh vcc/ground model.


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You need to add the last Unit G to connect up the power pins.

Screenshot from 2022-03-20 18-55-33

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I see there is a FR for this scheduled for version 7.

It’s caught me out a few times so now whenever I add even one unit, I add them all in.

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