Power Connections in Hex Buffer

OK, I have read here that the “best” way to handle Power Pins on Multiple Unit Devices is to add one additional unit that is ONLY the Power Pins. Sounds logical to me.

But my Library Editor won’t allow me to do so! If I modify any “unit”, all the other “units” assume the new edits. What Am I missing??

Also, concerning Power Pins, I’m using a few 4050 chips in my design. The “hidden” named power pins (pins 1 and 8) want to connect all the chips together, but I need to keep some of those connections separate. Do I simply edit the symbol, making the power pins visible, or edit the symbol removing the names of the hidden pins. Or can I create a new 4050 symbol with the power pins as a separate “unit”, as described above??

Thanks in advance for any and all insight!


I wrote up a short tutorial some time ago that could help you out: IC footprint VCC+GND (Made using kicad 4.0.x symbol editor. The current development version has a slightly different symbol editor)

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This is one of the major reasons why I avoid using hidden power pins in anything but power symbols.

There is a trick to creating the power unit, see Rene’s tutorial.

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Yes, I agree, those hidden pins are a nuisance!

Thanks Rene for the link to your tutorial, I’m gonna give that a try.


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