Post-v5 selective exceptions

Wait, so like selective exceptions?
This is good! as someone that does high voltage PCB, having means to add keepouts, while creepage constraints are worked on, is key.

Presently I have to use multiple keep-outs of suitable width and piece them together to produce a permitted violation via a keepout.

@Naib, I’m not sure it’s going to do what you want or not. Can you say a bit more about what you’re looking for?

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I guess keepouts are a usable workaround but to be honest a proper net clearance matrix might be better for your usecase (assuming i understand the limited information correctly)

Would the net clearance matrix be able to handle clearances between groups of nets separately from clearances between individual nets, for example like in a power supply with galvanic isolation between primary and secondary side, where the nets on the primary side need a smaller clearance to each other, and a larger clearance to any net on the secondary side?

The current way we are thinking about a “clearance matrix” is by using selector rules. A clearance rule would have a binary selector (i.e. clearance from A to B). A and B can each be any kind of query like “things in net X” or “things in netclass Y”. So what you are describing would be “clearance from netclass X to netclass Y” where Y is some kind of “all other nets” class

Sounds good to me.
Would it be possible to define negations, like “clearance from netclass X to things not in netclass X”?

Yes, the plan is for a rule parser that supports logical expressions and things like that.