Post-v5 new features and development news

Yeah, that was my first choice too. However, since we don’t allow spaces in labels, a lot of schematics already have underscores in them and you’d have to escape all of them with “__”.

I also considered double-underscore for subscript, but it felt really weird for it to be backwards from ~ (overbar) and ~~ (escape for tilda).


How does the # play with the current “feature” of using that spezial character for indicating symbols not to be included in the BOM nor for exporting to pcbnew (power symbols, logos, …).

That’s nice!
Would it be possible to add a feature to reset all 3D-viewer models to visible (as a default option)?
Something added to the 3d-viewer ‘Preferences’ menu (which reset the view statement for SMD, TH and Virtual models)?
Particularly it would be useful to have a menu item to reset all 3d-models view option to visible as a different item from reset default settings, allowing to reset all 3d preview flags of model viewer without touching other parameters (i.e. board colors).
— Reset to Default Settings
— Reset Visibility for all 3D models


To answer my own question. Currently the eeschema launched from project manager will save original .sch files (although the file header shows the file format version has been bumped to version 5). If you launch eeschema in stand alone mode you can save and load new .kicad_sch files. And currently they don’t containing the symbols cache.

Hmm… good question. I didn’t know about that one.

I think I’m going to go back to “_” (and fix Find/Replace so that you can escape all of them en masse).


I think of this more as a footprint property than a viewer property. Trouble is the footprint reset will reset it to the library footprint’s settings, rather than to “all visible”.

Conceptually it might better fit into a sibling of Edit > Edit Text and Graphics Properties. If we added Edit > Edit Footprint Properties we could also do bulk changes to locked flags, footprint attributes, and footprint paste and mask settings…

Don’t know how difficult will become the program. If I recall right, the # character must be the first character of the reference in order to make a symbol not exported to the pcb.
And it is not usual to have a reference beginning with an underscore.

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NB: the syntax for super/subscript has changed to ^{foo} and _{foo} (which allows us to both use more standard characters and to get rid of the checkbox to enable processing).

Here’s an example from one of my schematics:

FR_{-3dB} DC - 960KHz
Slew rate 60^{V}/_{uSec}

A_{OL} 83dB
A_{CL} 26dB
Stability margins 69º, 24dB

DRC violations now report source of constraint and amount constraint was violated by (where appropriate).


Keyboard shortcuts for toggle units, metric units and imperial units now work when a modal dialog has focus.


New schematic and symbol library file formats are now the default


The 3d opacity property (which discussion was moved elsewhere) is finally fully implemented. Now you can have alternative 3D models and transparency.

  • “Show” really shows and hides the model, also in the board view
  • Opacity is also visible in the board

A nice or not so nice side effect of transparency is that it shows the internal construction of the model.


It should be possible to add an option to render or not the “internals”. If you want add a new issue request and assign it to me or flag me in the text.

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Default fields for new footprints generalised (mainly for library editors where a second ref on F_Fab is required).

Added via minimum annulus to Board Setup > Design Rules > Constraints and DRC.

Improved the legibility of the icons on that page a bit.


Syntax help for overbar, superscript, subscript and various bus definitions added to Text Properties and the various Label Properties.

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For the schematic and PCB placing tools (symbol / footprint), I am wondering if the behavior should be changed so the keyboard input is captured until you click elsewhere, currently if you go to place something, my expectation would be to immediately type and have it filter the results, instead it enacts keyboard shortcuts which can lock or crash the program,

Related to this, in a list of PCB components, the up / down arrow keys are captured by the 2D preview instead of navigating up and down the component list, not sure if this is expected, but seems counter intuitive,

These are normal wishes or feature requests which should go to the issue database, or in the relevant section here for user discussion first if you like.

Please try to keep this thread clean so that it can be read through to find new features and development news for 5.99 development.