Post-v5 new features and development news

The new library and schematic file formats were introduced long time ago (although, as Einstein said, time is relative). In the old format symbols used in a schematic were cached in an external file. Therefore the schematic files weren’t standalone, unlike the layout files. In the new format the symbols are embedded in the schematic file. This is a bit different than in the layout files: each symbol is once in the file and only the volatile data is per instance.

Anyways, the eeschema UI for handling symbols in the schematic have been a remnant from the old system. Now it, or at least much of it, has been made similar to the pcbnew UI.


Through hole pads are no longer required to have copper on all layers.


You can now hide the ratsnest for items that are on hidden copper layers


OMG, selection filter is invaluable! It is a great tool, this saves me ton of time while finalizing board (precize zone adjustments, deleteing leftover traskc and vias, deleting bunch of obsolete graphical lines on silkscreen…).Using it a lot, thank you!


You probably met only graphic editing software having the ability to push all graphic elements (including strait and curved) keeping defined clearance between them, or finding the way to go with new track (using strait and curved segments) between already drawn elements without violating clearance rules.
Look around. You should find graphic editing software having no such abilities, and then you will change your mind - handling curves need not to be a hell.

It would seem sensible to try to keep this very long thread limited to dev posts about actual new features and to encourage users to make a new threads to actually discuss them if there are comments or questions. The value of an 'announce ’ list is derailed when there is a lot of side discussion.


This has a potential of creating DFM errors and would require a new Drill-Copper clearance DRC rule. Drill to copper clearance is usually much higher than copper to copper one.

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Indeed. See:


Thanks for reposting @pointhi. I really could do with some help testing the CADSTAR importer. (for further discussion on the importer: Work In Progress: Native CADSTAR Importer to keep this topic clean)


I taught the dimension object some new tricks. Yes, I know KiCad could use a lot more things relating to drafting. Baby steps!


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Ever wonder where that clearance came from?


There is now a Leader object you can draw (via the Place menu only for now; toolbutton coming later). It works like a dimension, and you can set an optional frame to be drawn around the text.


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Wayne just commited user defined layers (“Nine new user definable non-copper layers”) and custom layer names.


Just out of curiosity, can any of these layers be attached to front or back, or even attached as a front/back pair that the flip object function will work on like (like silkscreen, fab, etc)?

@imcinerney just added expandable tool buttons: now you can get to all the new dimensions from the toolbar!


(Hold down the mouse on the button to get the popup with the other options)


Addendum to this: I just pushed an update so you can now hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to open the popup immediately (click + drag).


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