Post shows if the reply was to a post (as opposed to the thread) for all but the first reply

When I reply to post from the button under the post (as opposed to using the reply to thread button further down) it doesn’t not display the poster replied to, see screenshot of a recent thread.

However looking at replies by other people I see the indicator, i.e. the => Jim_Thompson:

So I deduce that the forum software is making an exception when I’m the one viewing the thread. Why this behaviour and is this something that’s can be reconfigured in the forum software?

I don’t see that you replied to someone in that thread either. I do see that hermit replied to Jim_Thompson, just as you posted.

I think the difference is which “Reply” button you click, to a specific post or to the thread in general.

OK. I see this when I just clicked on the post reply.


I definitely replied to the post, I made a point of doing that. If you click on 2 replies under Jim_Thompsom’s post, mine is the first on the list. So it’s even worse, there seems to be no rhyme or reason why the indicator doesn’t show in some situations.

In fact this is happeing to your post. I’m one of two repliers, the other being hermit, but my reply doesn’t show that I’m replying to your post.

vs this when I click on the blue button further down.

I think I have noticed different behavior when you are the next post also. Maybe an assumed reply since it is next? Or was that different software?

I believe it does not show who you’re replying to if you are replying to the most recent post (i.e. you are replying to the post immediately above yours).

It does show who you are replying to when you’re replying to a post that is not the most recent post, i.e. it’s somewhere in the middle of the thread.

@retiredfeline in your example, you were the first reply, so Jim_Thompson’s original post was immediately above yours and it doesn’t show who you are replying to, I guess because Discourse thinks it’s obvious. hermit also replied to the original post, but your post was in between his reply and the original, so he got a “replying to” icon.

Ok fair enough thanks. At least it’s discriminating on the first reply rather than the viewer.

IMO it’s an unnecessary “optimisation” that hides the difference between a reply and a reply-all. But it’s no biggie.

Consistent would be preferable to over thinking.

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