Possible Suggestion_ Entry Level Library Symbols?

I think I am going to recommend NEW, possibly non-standard entry level library.

Note: The new changes in the works may make this a non-idea.

First off, on my build, the library path order in the list is NOT followed with the placement of parts, and I think because I used a capitalized character. When I try to add “r”, I get the “r” that is 4 levels down. The point here is that this created an extra level of confusion for me.

So, the idea, is to create a new basic library with only a small number of parts; I’m thinking six parts total. Maybe just R, C, D, L, Q, and U… maybe Led.

Each symbol would have 2 names. To be short, I’m only going to mention R.

Hit the “a” key to add a part, then “r” and 2 choices come up on the list. One is “R” and the other is “R_1/8W”.

When “R” is selected, it would have the current footprint filters in place.

When “R_1/8W” is selected, it would filter down to two footprints, one in through hole and one in surface mount.

What I see now, even though I am fine with it, the CvPcb filters are NOT intuitive; I can understand now all the Eagle users complaints with this.

Imagine if ANY new user could use the first device library to create a 555 timer circuit to blink an LED with only the two choices of through hole or SMD for footprint assignment; only using the “r, c, d, l, q, and u” keys.

Maybe also force one of the parts to be an “Atomic” part?

I’d create the Eeschema library, and symbols, AND tutorial if anyone else thinks this idea has merit and could be implemented into KiCad.

Just off the top of my head tonight. I’m certain improvements can be made with a little more brain power put into it.

Edit: The idea itself is a good one. Everything below is me in trouble shooting mode.

Currently this is not very easy to implement because kicad ships with exactly one set of libraries. (Installing libs later is quite hard)

It is a good idea to keep in mind once the schematic libs have their symbol libs table. Than one could easily offer multiple lib tables that contain different levels of complexity.
There could be an option in eeschema for selecting between reduced libs and full libs.
(This would switch between the two lib tables.)
Still i would default to the full set of libs but maybe have a pop-up menu on first startup where it asks the user if they want to start with the reduced set. (And give them the information where it can be changed.)

For that you need developer support though.

What can be done with the current system?
One option would be to have a separate simplified lib somewhere on github and expect the first time users to install their simplified lib themselves. (spoiler: people who are able to do this do not need simplified libs.)

Because the single letter R,C,L,… symbols already exist. We could add a R_simple but i fear nobody will find it. (Because if you type in r the first one that comes up is the current symbol.)