Possible Feature Request - Duplicated Circuits


At first, I was more thinking about some Kicad internal mods.

I have the feeling that the Python scripts don’t offer the level of interactivity you get with the native code (mouse control, for example).

Maybe I missed the point.


This is certainly true, though it is getting better. Action plugins are supported with 5.0.0 and support for binding them to toolbar icons is already in the nightlies. But this is far from interactivity that you get with native interface.


There is some wishes reported by the user
but just in discussion until now.

As every one here, I also use workaround and python plugins to do that.


Not sure if you just want multiple copies of the same PCB. I have done this several times in V3x and V4, not yet tried in V5.
I used it for a multiple sequence of identical PCBs in a panel.
Did the PCBnew and verified against eschema.
Saved the PCB file as a new name using file append to an empty .pcb file.
Copied as a block and pasted. To get precision with this it is important to have a PCB edge on say 1mm grid.
My German manufacturer wants 2.4mm spacing between PCBs, my Chinese company want edges butted up with no gap. For the former I draw lines and offset then by exactly 2.4mm on the user dwg layer. With a single line along the top it is simple to align the blocks to the drawing. Once one row is done, it can be copied and aligned again.
In this way I have produced 10 or more identical PCBs on a panel. The only problem is that the final panel cannot be checked against the netlist so the first item has to be right, including any text, so double or triple check it before copying.


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